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About Us

Hearing & Tinnitus Management LLC has been specializing in hearing healthcare, hearing aids, tinnitus & hyperacusis management for over 20 years. We are located in Stony Brook, NY and serve the surrounding communities of Port Jefferson, Setauket, St. James and Smithtown, as well as areas throughout Long Island. We are here to help you.

Dr. Elena Maresca

Dr. Elena Maresca of Hearing and Tinnitus Management, LLC

Dr. Maresca has been practicing audiology for 25 years and has been specializing in tinnitus management for the past 19 years. Dr. Maresca attended Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York, where she earned her Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in audiology. She then continued to obtain her Audiology Doctorate from the University of Florida at Gainesville and completed her residency in Newburyport, Massachusetts.

Dr. Maresca attended the Emory Tinnitus & Hyperacusis Center in Atlanta, Georgia, where she was trained in Tinnitus Management and Tinnitus Retraining Therapy by Pawel J. Jastreboff, Ph.D., Sc.D. Dr. Jastreboff is one of the country’s foremost authorities in Tinnitus Management and Retraining Therapy.

Following four years of practice in Rhode Island, Dr. Maresca became the Director of Audiology for Beverly Hospital in Beverly, Massachusetts. Dr. Maresca went into private practice in 2004, and is currently living in Setauket, New York. Dr. Maresca is proud to have opened her Stony Brook audiology practice on January 1, 2013.


Financial Policy

Every insurance policy is different. It is in your best interest as a patient to know and understand your insurance plan benefits. You may contact your insurance company by calling the phone number on the back of your insurance card. You should understand what services are covered, as well as your responsibility for any co-payments, co-insurance or deductible amounts. Not all services are covered by every insurance company. If your insurance plan does not cover your service, or your claim has been denied, you are responsible for full payment. If your insurance company has not paid your claim in full within 45-days, then you will be held responsible for payment in full.

Medicare Statement

For a hearing test, Medicare requires the patient to obtain a medical referral stating the testing is medically necessary. If you have Medicare as your primary insurance, please contact your primary care physician and request a medical referral for your testing. This referral needs to be in place prior to your appointment. Note: Medicare does not cover hearing aids or any hearing aid service.

Please bring your insurance card with you to your appointment.

All co-pays, co-insurance, deductibles and service fees are due in full at the time of your appointment.