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Hearing Evaluations

Communication is the key to life and to keeping relationships strong. Better hearing can improve your quality of life, yet many people do not do anything for their hearing loss. In fact, 28 million Americans have hearing loss, but less than 20% seek treatment. Better hearing can lead to an increase in socialization, stronger relationships, and a general enjoyment of life. Dr. Maresca is dedicated to helping each and every patient on their individual journey to hearing life again.

Hearing Screening

Woman getting hearing test at Hearing & Tinnitus Management, LLC

A hearing screening is a quick 15 minute hearing test. You will be presented with 6 beeps. If you hear all of the beeps, then the recommendation is to see you back again next year – just like an annual physical exam at your doctor’s office. If you do not hear all the beeps, then a full audiological evaluation is recommended.

Dr. Maresca always provide hearing screenings for free, all year long. Call to schedule your free hearing screening today.

Full Audiological Evaluation

Otoscope Evaluation: Dr. Maresca will look into your ears to make sure your ear canal is clear and your eardrum looks healthy.

Tympanogram: A quick “picture” will be taken of your ears to see if you have any fluid, congestion, or pressure build up in the middle ear space behind your eardrum.

Pure Tone Testing: A series of tones will be presented to you in a beeping sound. Simply press the button when you hear the beep. Your responses will tell us how well you are hearing at each frequency/pitch tested.

Speech Discrimination Testing: A list of words will be presented to you and you will be asked to repeat the words. Your responses will tell us how well you are able to understand speech.

Hearing Aid Fitting

Man getting fitted for hearing aids at Hearing & Tinnitus Management, LLC

Dr. Maresca has been fitting hearing aids for 25 years. Once determined which hearing aid is best for you during your hearing evaluation, you will return a few days later for your hearing aid fitting. This will take about 1 hour, and during that time Dr. Maresca will show you the parts of your new hearing aids, how to put them in and take them out, how to change the batteries, and how to clean them along with everyday general maintenance.

It is normal for you to have different emotions to hearing sounds again once you first put your hearing aids in. The goal of hearing aids is to make every day sounds audible, clear, and comfortable. Fine tunings can be made to the hearing aids at your first fitting if there are issues you want addressed right away. Dr. Maresca will program your hearing aids based on your prescription which is taken from the results of your hearing test. After the hearing aid fitting, Dr. Maresca would like to see you in a week to check in. When you return, Dr. Maresca will want to know how your hearing is doing. Based on this report she will make the necessary changes to improve your hearing experience if needed.

Attitude is an important key to success with hearing aids. Hearing aid studies have shown that people who have a positive attitude towards hearing aids perform better with their hearing aids. If you, or your spouse/family, approach your hearing aids with a positive outlook, you will have a much better listening experience more quickly. Keep in mind that it may take some time to get used to the sounds you were missing and by working closely with Dr. Maresca, you will get the most out of your new hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Process

Hearing Aid Evaluation

The hearing aid evaluation will last approximately 1 hour and is always free. During this appointment Dr. Maresca will explain your hearing loss, all of the different hearing aid technologies, show you the various hearing aid styles, and answer any questions. If you decide to be fit with hearing aids, Dr. Maresca will take measurements or impressions of your ears. She will write your hearing aid prescription, and order your hearing aids which should arrive within 3-5 business days. Although it is not mandatory, we do encourage you to bring a friend or family member to your hearing evaluation.

Hearing Aid Fittings

The hearing aid fitting will take about 1 hour. Dr. Maresca will fit your new hearing aids to you, go over the parts of the hearing aids, and teach you how to properly take care of them.

Hearing Aid Checkup

Hearing aid checkups generally last 15 to 30 minutes. During the first 30 days, it is very important to return for your follow-up visits. Dr. Maresca will fine tune the hearing aids so they are programmed not only for your hearing loss, but also for your specific needs. After both you and Dr. Maresca feel the hearing aids are set properly for you, we recommend you return every 6 months for regular hearing aid checkups for cleaning and maintenance.