Celebrating 20 years in business at Hearing & Tinnitus Management, LLC

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Update: COVID-19 Advisory

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we will be closing the office for the remainder of this week and next week (March 18th through March 27th). The safety and health of our staff and of you, our patients, is our priority. We are taking the necessary precautions to ensure our office is clean during this time. We will reopen our office on March 30th. Please call us at 631-780-4327 before coming into the office or before your appointment.

Why Choose Hearing & Tinnitus Management, LLC?

Celebrating 20 years in business at Hearing & Tinnitus Management, LLC

Dr. Maresca specializes in hearing healthcare, hearing aids, tinnitus and hyperacusis management. With 25 years of audiological experience combined with 19 years of specializing in tinnitus management, Dr. Maresca is committed to excellence in patient care. Dr. Maresca provides patients with the latest treatment strategies and technological advancements for hearing and tinnitus disorders.

Come see Dr. Maresca at Hearing & Tinnitus Management, LLC so she can help you experience a better quality of life through improved hearing. Dr. Maresca will discuss your tinnitus, hearing health, hearing aids, and the best options for your hearing loss.